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IMS’ Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 is now amongst one of the most concerning health induced outbreaks the world has ever seen. Ever since its pronounced presence here in the US, there had seemed to be quite a disruption in the economy shifting major demands to specific commodities. There had been reports of imported massive volume of dry, perishable goods, and raw material that were detained for custom vetting and decontamination, specifically coming from different geographic realms. Which all actions are detrimental to the normative functioning of the US economy. Just recently, the administration pronounced restrictions for inbound European flights and freight cargoes, due to the soaring number of infected travelers migrating from overseas which would exceptionally create an economic depression for commercial flights, specifically for the aerospace industries that heavily relies on DFARS products. Both Wall Street and Main Street are once again seeing the somewhat of a similar trend that took place back in 2008 financial crisis, as the Dow Jones Industrial valuated the recent average fall at about nearly 8%, solely based on concern over the COVID-19 pandemic and how that largely relates to the oil prices. Withstanding, most of our efforts for suppression and containment are primarily preventative as CDC, WHO, and other trans-national health organizations advise people to take extreme health precautions. As COVID-19’s final phase is a likelihood of pneumonia, intervention is crucial at its earliest onset stage. Emergency facilitators encourage individuals to voluntarily check in with their PCP, urgent care, and/or nearby hospital for screening. Good hygienic practices such as; washing hands, covering the mouth when coughing, and not touching the face, are highly recommended to stop COVID-19 from being transmitted on a larger scale. These practices should be enforced and mandated, not just from homes but also in every institution. IMS has become more meticulous and vigilant when it comes to the safety and health of all its employees and as a total consensus, we still implement the strict monitoring of these practices, so that no one would become susceptible to the rising probabilities of contracting COVID-19 or any other seasonal flu.

     At International Metal Source (IMS), the health and well-being of our customers, associates, and communities is our top priority. We understand the concern and uncertainty one may be experiencing surrounding COVID-19 and are committed to being responsive to the needs of our customers and associates as the situation evolves.

Awareness Of Boeing 737

     Last month marks the first-year anniversary of the Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airline Flight 302 crashes, which caused the deaths of 346 lives. Both flights were delivered by Boeing 737 Max, which resulted into a long-term production halt of the program leaving an estimated of 400 airplanes in storage. The grounding of Boeing 737 Max programs back in March 2019, created detrimental ripple effects within its long-term production and supply chain systems. Even though Boeing did not expect any reason to escalate the situation into a massive lay off of its employees, the bulk of the negative economic adversities was clearly seeping through its subcontractors, machine shops, and outsourced service providers who remained exclusive into making 737 Max main part components and ancillaries. Significant loss of turnkey procurements has led Boeing driven companies into laying off employees and some have had to drop out from the program voluntarily due to pessimism of the faulty designs found from the crash reports. As investigators have concluded, the black box feeds recovered from the crash site have conveyed the cause as software malfunctions due to human error and poor design. The software in question is called the MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) and its job was to prevent stalls from happening by automatically pitching down the nose, however, since the MCAS sensors are located outside the aircrafts and there were no such indicator tools that would surveil the conditions of these sensors. Furthermore, the MCAS was considered an “off the books” tech that was not declared by Boeing as operational, to cut down training costs.

    International Metal Source (IMS) understands that human error is unavoidable and individuals falter even at their best competency level, however, designs on the other hand must not be compromised. In our firm, we prevent the mixing of potential human error with designs by training employees how to detect anomalies from schematic prints. We also promote awareness on both opportunities and threats on every design, especially on R & D prototypes. We provide intellectual recommendations to our clients with the help of our engineers who have decades of experiences building cost effective and efficient components. It is quite unfortunate not being able to generate the demand for 737 Max parts until the FAA lift the program’s ban worldwide. We could only hope for the best at this point, while we commemorate the lives that were lost on both crashes.

Opportunities For Productive Efficacy

       As we are confronted by the COVID-19 pandemic mess and the adversities of social distancing, truly, there are those of us are left burnt out from the economic and societal tensions. During these times of our collective demise, it is quite unavoidable for some to feel an overwhelming sense of vicariousness towards the misfortune of others. As a result, we take on significant amount of stress ourselves by just simply being exposed to news coverages and media. During these times, people are supposed to help each get through this, but what tends to happen is that we get ourselves swamped to the point that we are unable to provide care to those who rely on us. Social confinement should allow for tremendous amount of self-care such as; spending time with love ones; reading books; watching movies; and things that workers would not regularly do if they were going through the same work routine. It should help people decompress some of the tensions that have piled up prior to quarantine modalities and allow people to learn on some of the “do it yourself” skills to maintain some sense of practical and economical productivity. Some of the trending homemade activities that people take on encompass things such as; making gourmet edibles; homemade disinfectant wipes; hand sanitizers; masks; and so forth. However, because income is of the greatest concern and issue, people are felt limited with their crafts and as a result, we end up worrying more about situations we cannot control.

   At International Metal Source (IMS), we treat our workplace as our second home and we also are partaking in learning some of the “do it yourself” skills, to divert attention from the harsh reality of this pandemic mess. We have come to full consensus of promoting our own version of self-care by way of breaking out of work routine, every now and then, to decompress our thoughts and emotions, while learning something new. Recently, we have been making our own IMS version of hand sanitizers, which is compliant to Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. Some of the first batch was sent out to our key clients as our way of showing our gratitude and illustrating how simple selfless acts can make a difference during these times.

Opening Up America Again: 3 Phase

      (Reference: 3 Phases Guidelines: ):  May has already kicked us off to a fresh start with essential workers still operating under the Phase 2 quarantine guidelines implemented by the current administration. As we move forward, there will be a greater anxieties and speculations that would be generated from both essential workers and those who were elected out of the workforce due to the pandemic crisis, in relation to when exactly Phase 3 will take place. Phase 3 will resume unrestricted staffing of worksites and the date of which that would take effect is still yet to be determined. Some of the speculations that it would be sometime this May or maybe Phase 2 will be prolonged. The uncertainty is causing severe anxieties for everyone who are extremely experiencing financial instability, especially those who operate small and minority businesses. From an economic perspective on long term equilibrium of perfect competitive market, under a prolonged phase 2, supply curves are abruptly shifting to the left due to firms taking on economic loss, pushing them to exit the market. While demand curve remains the same, the loss of supplies from firms exiting conversely dictates that we are facing extreme scarcities. In the case of small businesses, under phase 2, they generally could not accommodate for the demand by just increasing supplies above total average cost and as a result of possibly doing that, they incur much more economic loss, more frequently than those who produce the supplies. What does this all mean for small businesses? It means that the more Phase 2 is prolonged, the more they are susceptible to long term economic adversities. Stimulus that are supposedly provided to stimulate the increase of supplies are only effective for a short run and until financial institutions provide long term moratoriums or direct reliefs (rather than circulating stimulus within the secondary markets), more small businesses will exit. For those who will stay, they would face an even bigger challenge when Phase 3 hits. When all businesses resume full operations, there will be entrant firms that would enter the competition and the supply curve will again shift to the right, which will provide even more economic losses for those who have initially stayed at Phase 2. On a micro scale, onboarding new employees or rehiring back employees who were temporary laid off will also heighten every firms’ explicit costs.

    We at International Metal Source (IMS) are fully aware of these trends, thus we are quite reluctant to see Phase 2 persist to create even more negative adversities to our economy that is already depressed. We believe that most of the protocols outlined in the first two quarantine phases are working quite well when taken very seriously and given much considerations, such as; promoting telework; closing common areas; minimizing non-essential travels; and so forth, thus we are likely to promote that Phase 3 should slowly be implemented on selected industries. 

Supporting Businesses and Community During COVID 19

* We are recently 3D Printing Non Disposable Face Mask made out of  PLA Material. If you are interested for us to mass produce for you, your company or community, please email us.
* We are sending out DIY Essential Oil Hand Sanitizers to our industry partners who are in essential business.
*We had expanded our services to assist industry partners to supplement their material requirements and critical need by utilizing our own resources to help other small business to maintain their lower over head. See below image.
* We are giving 25% off on all of our in-house processing, see below Image.

Please email us at to collaborate and partner with us in this effort especially during the process of our Economy Re-Opening.

God Bless Us All.