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3rd of October 2017 02:25 AM Link
We're not all about work and profit making.

Praying for Las Vegas tragedy and the families who have lost their love ones.
International Metal Source is in California but that won't stop us to from helping.
Know that you can donate:
And if you are in the state of Las Vegas, please donate blood! They are in need! Some blood type are hard to come by.
30th of September 2017 01:04 AM Link
We are delighted to share the news that we recently passed our AS9100D:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 audit with DNV GL. This certificate proves our continuing commitment to improve our quality systems. Thank you to all of our customers and industry partners that have grown with us.
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25th of September 2017 08:53 PM Link
Visiting with our industry partners @Apple ,we are proud of their emerging technology and continuous advancement.

Image: Our CEO and Dir. of Liaison
15th of August 2017 07:56 PM Link
Our CEO, Jaymee Del Rosario, will be a featured speaker at this year’s Orlando, Florida AIAA Space Forum — a technical conference that provides an integrated space to discuss key challenges and opportunities affecting the future direction of the global aerospace industry.

She will be joined by other exemplary speakers from the highest levels of government, industry, and military leadership to discuss the topic of propelling the future growth of diversity in the Aerospace sector, an industry which has traditionally struggled to achieve diversity in the workforce. Join us on Tuesday, September 12th at 12:30pm - 2:00pm to be a part of Jaymee's keynote discussion. We hope to see you there for this excellent and rewarding opportunity.
11th of July 2017 08:30 PM Link
International Metal Source continues to forge partnerships to support the realization of the OneWeb Satellite Constellation mission by producing flight critical hardware for the next generation of complex multi-satellite systems. We strive to provide the most valuable innovations and cutting-edge solutions to our partners in the aerospace and defense industries.
Congratulations Ruag Space USA for your Grand Opening!
PHOTO: CEO of IMS and Greg Wyler-CEO of OneWeb, RUAG Team,Titusville, Florida Mayor and representatives in the Space Community.
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29th of June 2017 02:03 PM Link
12th of June 2017 10:45 PM Link
International Metal Source Video Release: This video highlights our comprehensive processing abilities and our goals for the future.

Thank you for watching~
29th of May 2017 08:33 PM Link
On this Memorial Day #memorialday Team IMS honor and thank all the service men, women and their families who have sacrificed to protect the freedom that we 'have' today.
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21st of May 2017 05:02 PM Link
Interesting podcast about Graphene and its position in the market place.
18th of May 2017 06:45 PM Link
Say hello to our very first #2dlasercutting machine.


Nd-YAG Solid State Type

Max Cut Size 5' x 10'

X/Y axis repeat positioning accuracy +/-0.001"
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27th of April 2017 11:10 PM Link
With our crew anything is possible!

Meet our Team IMS Managers:
(Left) Jp Orillosa- Planning and R&D Manager, Johann Kim- Mechanical Engineer and Processing Manager, Steve Rodriguez- Account Manager and Jr. Quality , Jonathan Bryson-Accounting Manager and Jr. Quality, Jaymee Del Rosario-Founder/CEO and Senior Quality and our new addition at IMS Sergii Iakymov- Expediter and Warehouse Manager

Missing: Sohil Mody- VP of Operation Manager
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21st of April 2017 09:37 PM Link
Here is our quarterly company update and special offers for our in-house processing.

We have a track record in the industry of not only being a solution provider for hard to find materials, R&D, speedy service, quality advice and contract cost/logistic security, but also maintaining an exceptional customer service to ensure our buyers and partners come out as the 'Hero'.

Today & Our Goal:
Besides bringing in different kinds of processing equipment to meet our current demands, IMS recently acquired software programmers to begin the work for our very own 'customize' logistic and pricing database to advance the quoting and purchasing in our industry. "Taking on this project will be very extensive and collaboration with other partners in this industry will be vital. This unique software has never been created, why? Because it is near impossible. IMS is willing to take on the challenge, it's only impossible until it's done" said by our CEO Jaymee Del Rosario.
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12th of April 2017 09:04 PM Link
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12th of April 2017 08:50 PM Link
Today, our CEO collaborated with executive members from Aerospace & Defense Forum in regards to State of the Art Additive Manufacturing that will forever change how our industry design and produce.

'Looking Ahead'

Picture: Left- Suzanne Fuentes, Mayor of El Segundo, Ivan Madera, CEO of MORF3D and our CEO Jaymee Del Rosario.
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9th of April 2017 11:21 PM Link
Team IMS had a great evening celebrating with all the space companies and enthusiasts last night at Yuri's Night LA, underneath our retired Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center. (what a beauty!)

We look forward to more celebration honoring our space industry and the collaborative achievements.

Thank you: NASA/JPL, YN Founders, and Virgin Galactic
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6th of April 2017 01:15 AM Link
21st of March 2017 05:28 PM Link
Now offering in-house 2D Laser Cutting Services on top of our current offerings!
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10th of March 2017 09:42 PM Link
Micrometer don't lie, esp. 6 sig figs 😉 @teamims1 #blanchardgrinding #flawlesspackaging #qualityoverquantity #engineeringlife

Our In-House Blanchard Grinding, Holding .005" to .001" tolerances
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18th of February 2017 06:59 AM Link
Here at IMS, we are busy and stronger than ever!

The whole team is dedicated to push forward to fill the hole that is missing in our industry which is QUALITY and SPEEDY service.
Since our niche is gearing more towards housing most of the stringent processing, we are also working on PERFECTING our customized and unique company processes , so we can soon cater and make our footprints worldwide!
Some of our exciting news is: Nadcap Accredited for our In-House Heat Treating 2759/3 (audit by March 2017 but already operational for commercial use), Laser Cutting for Sheet Metals (operational in March 2017), BETA 'Amazon' of Metals, and so much more!

Please visit our website at for our updated catalog & news feed.

Our success would not be possible without your continuous support, Thank you.
18th of February 2017 06:18 AM Link
Our Clean Room is almost finished for our critical and delicate products.

Visit us at or call us to schedule a tour to see our everyday work flow and in-house processing capabilities in action.

Image: Our CEO putting her finishing touches. What makes this room special, Team IMS built it together!
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Join Team IMS!