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Here is an A514 steel plate laser cut to 8.25” x 23” and then grinded from .625 tolerance to .494 (+/- .002). To learn more about all of International Metal Source’s capabilities go

"Grinding practice is a large and diverse area of manufacturing and toolmaking. It can produce very fine finishes and very accurate dimensions; yet in mass production contexts it can also rough out large volumes of metal quite rapidly. It is usually better suited to the machining of very hard materials than is "regular" machining (that is, cutting larger chips with cutting tools such as tool bits or milling cutters), and until recent decades it was the only practical way to machine such materials as hardened steels." (Wikipedia).
#metal #metalprocessing #metalfabrication #aerospace #steel #lasercut #blanchardgrinding
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"The Australian space industry has received a $245m injection with the launch of the Cooperative Research Centre for Smart Satellite Technologies and Analytics, announced today in Adelaide at the University of South Australia. The $245 million in funding for advanced telecommunications and intelligent satellite systems makes the SmartSat CRC the biggest space industry research collaboration in Australian history."

We at International Metal Source are excited of the new growth and expansion of the satellite industry! IMS is looking forward to partnering with Australia and many more countries going forward with the ever growing demand for aerospace manufacturing! #aerospaceanddefense #metal #metalfabrication #metalprocessing #researchanddevelopment #satellites
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Here, our blanchard surface grinder machine processing a hot rolled magnetic plate per +/-.002 tolerance. Want to learn more, please visit us at today! #blanchardgrinding #hotrolled #surfacegrinder #plate #tighttolerance #metal #metalprocessing #metalfabrication #aerospace ... See MoreSee Less

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15-5 #phgradestainless #StainlessSteel Solid Round Bar #gundrilled and #honed to 1" Inner Diameter/Hole with No.16 #SurfaceFinish. Material was also #UltrasonicInspected per Specification. We offer many processing services here at International Metal Source. To get a quote today and to learn more about International Metal Source's capabilities go to today! #metals #metalprocessing #metalmanufacturing #metalfabrication #aerospace #steel ... See MoreSee Less

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21st of June 2018 10:44 PM Link
Why get a teaspoon in space when you can get a #boulder with #AltiusSpace 😃 Our CEO & COO with Altius’ CEO Jonathan Goff and Team. #researchanddevelopment #satelliteservice #space #spaceindustry @ Boulder, Colorado
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21st of June 2018 02:54 PM Link
From our #ceoandcoo teamims3H #leadership #teamwork #gratitude🙏 #grace #blessed🙏 #continuousimprovement #collaboration #innovation #poweredbyprayer #managers #justdoit #beunique #loveanother #supportsmallbusiness
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19th of June 2018 09:17 PM Link
14th of June 2018 08:00 PM Link
IMS is Happy to announce our Employee Of The Month for May 2018! His personal commitment to quality is obvious in everything he do. Thank you and God bless! #employeeofthemonth #aerospace #defense #may #lasercutting #fabrication #keepupthegoodwork #teamIMS
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14th of June 2018 12:50 AM Link
“The San Francisco Bay Area will include over two million new residents by 2040, for a total of nine million people. As the #bayarea grows, so will the need for #barttrain — New #barttrain will be designed to serve the Bay Area for the next 30 years and beyond.” In 2016, $3.5 Billion was approved by counties to improve the BART’s infrastructure; to #repairandreplace the #criticalsafetystructure relieves passenger crowding, reduce traffic congestion, and expands opportunities to safely access station. #TeamIMS is thrilled to have the opportunity to attend the #bayarearapidtransit contract opportunity selection event this month! #rawmaterials #fabrication #manufacturing #researchanddevelopment
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13th of June 2018 12:09 AM Link
#hotrolledsteel #rectangulartubing #squaretube 20ft #metalbars ASTMA513 is a specification for #weldedcarbonsteel applications are where #bending , #flaring , #flattening is required. #fabrication #manufacturing #aerospace #oilandgas #defense #space
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21st of May 2018 01:05 AM Link
FUN FACTS 😊: Quoting our #ceo on her social media posts today: “What’s better than #patent , than #tradesecrets , than #investors , than #contracts #purchaseorders , BUT NEVER better than #cheesecake is my #businesspartner #brother #coo , we are so #blessed and all In God’s will. #wegroweveryday “ (They both love Cheesecakes! )
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18th of May 2018 05:58 PM Link
We owe our growth to our loyal supporters, a special thank you goes to our friends at #SpaceFlorida @FrankDibello #CEO&President of Space Florida and Team for continually believing in our growth. #obtainandmaintainloyalty #industrypartners #spacecoast #satellite #fabrication @floridaspacecoast @ruag_space_sverige #expansiontoflorida @ Tampa, Florida
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18th of May 2018 05:36 PM Link
Our #CEOANDCOO had the opportunity to meet with @chrishunterforcongress #Florida12thdistrict Running for 2018 Election. We lift you up in prayers for your successful venture and “renewing our shared American values and restore honest American Services for all of us”
@_tampaflorida #formerfederalprosecutors #fbiagent #adjunctproffesor #principledleadership #americanservice #spaceflorida @floridaspacecoast #aerospace #stem #defense #smallbusiness #advocacy #satellite
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18th of May 2018 02:06 AM Link
Our #ceoandcoo at #floridaventures 2018 with #angelinvestors #venturecapitalist #bigweek #spaceflorida @floridaspacecoast @ The Westshore Grand
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17th of May 2018 11:04 PM Link
Our #leadestimator Bday, #valuableteammember at IMS #companytradition #surprisebdaysong #suprisebdaycake #suprise #TEAMIMS 🚀
14th of May 2018 11:48 PM Link
Please meet magnificent grounded Brass 260! ( From 0.1875" to 0.156" +/-.005") #brass260 #platemetal #sheetmetal #blanchardgrinding #surfacegrinder #fabrication
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14th of May 2018 09:17 PM Link
Please meet magnificent grounded Brass 260! ( From 0.1875" to 0.156" +/-.005")
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13th of May 2018 05:04 PM Link

"360 Brass is produced from a combination of copper and zinc, has the highest machinability of all copper alloys, and is the standard against which all the others are compared. 360 Brass, known for its strength and resistance to corrosion with properties closely resembling that of steel, is one of the most popular copper alloys used today." #brass #freecuttingbrass #zinccopper #copperzinc #copperalloy #aerospace #electronic #defense #oilandgasindustry
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13th of May 2018 04:58 PM Link

"360 Brass is produced from a combination of copper and zinc, has the highest machinability of all copper alloys, and is the standard against which all the others are compared. 360 Brass, known for its strength and resistance to corrosion with properties closely resembling that of steel, is one of the most popular copper alloys used today."
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13th of May 2018 04:36 PM Link
Before & After
Surface Grounded TO .197" (+/-.005")

In-House Processing at IMS, Available NOW! For Non Magnetic & Magnetic Materials. #blanchardgrinding #manufacturing #fabrication #heattreatment #tolerance #architectural #nonmagnetic #magnetic
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13th of May 2018 04:35 PM Link
Now Available on all thicknesses: STEEL A572 Grade 50 ASTMA572 PLATE (USA/DFAR) Available

"ASTM A572-50 is a high strength low-alloy columbium-vanadium structural steel. This specification provides for a 50ksi minimum yield strength and 65ksi minimum tensile strength. Theses grades are intended for riveted, bolted, or welded structures primarily in applications where extra strength or reduced end product weight is desired without foregoing strength" #hotrolledsteel #structuralsteel #tooling #aerospace #defense #spacestructure
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13th of May 2018 04:26 PM Link
Heat Treating NOW at IMS:

Call our in-house Heat Treat & Quality experts for more information.
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13th of May 2018 04:19 PM Link
Before & After
Surface Grounded TO .197" (+/-.005")

In-House Processing at IMS, Available NOW! For Non Magnetic & Magnetic Materials.
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1st of May 2018 12:12 AM Link
Our CEO & COO is honored to represent IMS on this special private event Florida Venture Forum. We look forward to sharing our unique vision and expansion in the Space Coast community. #Weareblessed
30th of April 2018 11:32 PM Link
#teamims will be attending the #nasainsight #marslander that will be launching on May 5th from #vandenbergairforcebase This is very exciting for us since we just recently got approved by #lockheedmartin for our #justintime and #researchanddevelopment ----LMCO are responsible for building this #spacecraft #tomars One day our #ceo and #aerospaceengineer may have a chance to blast off to the red planet 🚀 @marsoneproject #metalfabrication #metalfab #manufacturing #space #aerospace
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28th of April 2018 10:00 PM Link
We are honored to host @marssocietyla SOCAL Meeting today #tomars 🚀 and Beyond @marsoneproject @ Cerritos, California
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25th of April 2018 05:29 PM Link
At IMS we are family. Began as Intern with IMS and now graduated with a degree in #businessadministration and she will go for her #cpa and also deciding between #UCLA OR #berkley--She is the 2nd intern with IMS that pursued the same goal @jbry562 --WE ARE VERY PROUD OF OUR TEAM MEMBERS! #GOTEAMIMS!☝️#accountant #certifiedpublicaccountant #internshipprogram #acknowledgingblessings #🙏❤️🙏
24th of April 2018 05:55 AM Link
Welcoming grads #internationaltrade // At IMS our focus is to leave sets of footprints across the globe therefore Understanding the legal #obligations and #compliance in the #aerospace #defense #space #satellite #oilandgasindustry is #key . Thank you to our Industry partners in #mexico🇲🇽 for visiting us today and your willingness to support IMS' expansion!
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24th of April 2018 05:38 AM Link
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24th of April 2018 05:06 AM Link
Hello Industry Partners!

We feel very honored to host The Mars Society SoCal Chapter meeting.

Let's keep pushing for Space Travel/Exploration and discuss the initiatives and collaboration that will propel us forward for this goal.

To Mars and Beyond!
23rd of April 2018 03:20 PM Link
#godbless -God Bless! 🙏Available: Commercial Heat Treating #aerospacestandards #Calibrated and we are Certified per #as9100d #nadcap IN PROCESS Focused is #stainlesssteel PH Grades H900, H1025, etc and #4000series (1 day turn around, 150/lot or $.50/lb) include #thermocouple #cerrification #hardnesstesting and it compliments our #blanchardgrinding #precipitationhardening #solutiontreatment #heattreatment #heattreat #metalprocessing #metalfabrication #manufacturing #automotive #gears #shafts #tooling #flightparts #space #rocketry #aog #defense #sattelite @ Cerritos, California
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20th of April 2018 05:22 AM Link
Acknowledging our #blessings🙏 before #tours and for #bigdaysahead #humble #obtainandmaintainloyalty
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17th of April 2018 10:58 PM Link
Tuesday Mood --We make parts that fly #teamwork #fabrication #aerospaceengineering #mechanicalengineering #accounting #foreman #manufacturing #metalworking #satellite #wemakerockets #lasercutting #blanchardgrinding #heattreat #hardnesstester #shear #pressbreak #labtesting #reaearchanddevelopment #justintime #prototype #conceptdesign #redesign @ Cerritos, California
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10th of April 2018 08:36 PM Link
#aluminum6061 #diamondplate #tooling Great for #customfabrication #customfab #offroadmaterial #loadingramps #trenchcovers #dockflooring etc! and #welding #machining friendly We love this material because it looks so aggressive and at the same time decorative.
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4th of April 2018 12:54 AM Link
Congratulations to our friends for cutting the ribbon today for their company #FeManufacturingLLC #pressbrakes #shears Fully Operational in One Month in the same roof as us! #onwardandforward #TeamIMS #feelingblessed🙏 knowing the CEO's @astrid_715 @etjr33
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3rd of April 2018 10:48 PM Link
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13th of March 2018 08:12 PM Link
#satellite2018 @ Walter E. Washington Convention Center
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12th of March 2018 01:01 PM Link
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12th of March 2018 12:45 PM Link
Team IMS will be attending #satellite2018 in Washington,DC. IMS have provided not only #metals #rawmaterials but also #researchanddevelopment of new methods to be utilized for the growing industry. If you have any question or coordinate a meeting with our team In #washingtondc , please DM us #aerospace #satellite #engineering #lasercutting #aluminum #chemicalprocessing #automation
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10th of March 2018 03:38 PM Link
#dreamteam Go #TeamIMS
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10th of March 2018 03:21 PM Link
Successful night with Family and Friends, at IMS they are our treasures. Thank you for everyone's support and continually encouraging all of us at IMS to reach our dreams. #fireinourhearts #passion #entrepreneurship #familyandfriendsaregold #aerospace #satellite #ceoandcoo #investornight
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7th of March 2018 07:09 PM Link
Thank you RUAG for your continuous support, partnership, trust and being part of the IMS family.
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7th of March 2018 06:46 PM Link
Successful YoutubeLive Investor Intro Part 1 with our CEO and COO. We have so much great feedback and interest and we can't wait for Friday for the live event PART 2 👆 GO TEAM IMS!
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2nd of March 2018 10:07 PM
Thank you to @MorgrétRepairMachine , TeamIMS, and Friends at @abcsheetmetal for taking down our monstrous blanchardgrinding No.18 motor housing safely --now we need to windmotor and bearing replacement shops etc.
28th of February 2018 12:39 AM Link
Thank you @lockheedmartin #lockheedmartinaeronautics team for the continuous support, you are family to IMS. #skunkworks #aerospace #defense #engineering #prototype #researchanddevelopement #manufacuting #metalfab #metalfabrication #customertestimonial
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27th of February 2018 10:06 PM Link
We thank you for being part of our family at IMS- #CustomerTestimonial #International #aerospace #Defense #processing #fabrication #engineering #researchanddevelopement #prototype
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21st of February 2018 12:36 AM Link
Need a Blanchard Grinder (NO.18) Mechanic ASAP. Please contact us.

Thank you!
Sample Spec:
18th of February 2018 04:16 AM Link
Team IMS will be attending the upcoming #haiheliexpo2018 , We hope to see you there. Please DM us if you are interested to set a meeting with our team at the event. #helicopterindustry #aerospace #defense #commercial #manufacturing #robinsonheli #bellhelicopter #boeinghelicopters #engineering #networkingevent #manufacturing #fabricators #metals #metalheattreatment #metalgrinding #lasercutting #labtesting #prototype #researchanddevelopment #validationlab #chemicalprocess
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14th of February 2018 07:35 PM Link
Cupcakes makes us Happy 😊 especially on VDAY --Thanks @oh_yay.itskharren for baking this delicious ❤️brownies for TEAM IMS!
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11th of February 2018 02:05 PM Link
Our friend from Moon Express captured @ElonMusk 's expression during #FalconHeavy Landing at Cape Canaveral,FL.

Priceless. Congrats Elon Musk and Team SpaceX!
8th of February 2018 10:41 PM Link
Starman breaking the rules.
Space and Beyond--no limit!
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7th of February 2018 10:08 PM Link
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6th of February 2018 03:52 AM Link
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5th of February 2018 07:03 PM Link
Catch the IMS' CEO & #engineering Team for their own live stream via instagram and facebook at #falconheavy launch tomorrow at 1:30PM Eastern Time #historicevent @spacex #spaceexploration #marsexploration #satellite @ruag_space_sverige @teslamotors #teamims
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29th of January 2018 10:37 PM Link
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27th of January 2018 06:33 PM Link
Thank you for the blast and support @abcsheetmetal - obtaining and maintaining growth partnership is key, we appreciate your hard work!

Meet us and @abcsheetmetal at the upcoming show #mdmwest2018 Anaheim Convention. We will be there on the first day to learn, network and understand new technology in the market.
If you want to learn more about what we do and our industry partners, please PM us here or email us at #aerospace #defense #manufacturing #R&D #researchanddesign #researchanddevelopment #fabrication #heattreat #welding #engineering #machining #manufacuturing #testing #satellite #oilandgas #architecture #contractor #blanchardgrinding #lasercutting #waterjetcutting #engineering #stemeducation #manufacturingengineering #nasa #jpl #prototype #spaceexploration
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23rd of January 2018 04:55 AM Link
We are proud to be recognized by our home @cityofcerritos . We thank our City of Cerritos Mayor Grace Hu, City Council Members, Eduardo Vega-Associate Planner and our Community for this honor. Thank you!
#CEO #womanminorityownedbusiness #Aerospace #Engineers #Satellite #Defense #Lasercutting #HeatTreat #Manufacturing
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22nd of January 2018 03:31 AM Link
Meet Oscar and Russel #redearedsliderturtles #freshandclean @intl_metal_source
13th of January 2018 12:09 AM Link
Look at these left over cores from 15-5 Solid Round- transforming your solid round with OD/ID ! #trepanning #fabrication #processing #stainlesssteel #sawcutting #tube
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13th of January 2018 12:05 AM Link
Our #interns #workinghard on a Friday-- #experienceatitsbest #marketing #electricalengineering #engineers #Business #stemstudent #collegelife #exeperiencematters #aerospace #defense #space #spaceindustry @ International Metal Source
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6th of January 2018 06:10 PM Link
Hello 2018!

Updated 'About Us'
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19th of December 2017 11:48 PM Link
Greetings from the owners at IMS:

"We have been in business for 8 years and in the past 2 years, International Metal Source (IMS) has transformed its business with a unique focus. By implementing this transformation, IMS has experienced significant challenges, but these challenges are continually making us stronger. I am convinced that we are slowly making a difference in the distribution and processing industry, and we are able to continue to have unwavering confidence in our ability because our supporters truly believe in us. I would like to thank our industry partners, customers, family and friends for all the encouragements and inspirations throughout this year. I am also inspired, proud and full of gratitude to be able to have a great team on staff, who work tirelessly and go above and beyond for our clients. Even if there are multiple fires we had to put out in daily operation, in the end we all are family who understand how to get things accomplished and make the impossible happen.To ring in the new year, I look forward to implementing our new projects, collaborate with new partners, expand our footprint across the country, retain all of our key talents to grow with us and maintain our loyalty to you-because our success depends on you. Thank you & Happy Holidays!"-Jaymee Del Rosario - CEO

"Happy Holidays! We give our sincere thanks for your loyalty and goodwill throughout the year. International Metal Source has been constantly evolving and will be going through some growing pains as we make some exciting changes in the future. We wouldn't be here without your support and belief in what we are trying to achieve; and IMS looks forward to growing further together in the future. In warm appreciation for being part of our family, we extend our very best wishes for a happy holiday season to your company, family and friends." - Sohil Mody-VP of Operations
Message image
16th of December 2017 08:08 PM Link
We thank you all for your support throughout the year.

Happy Holidays & Best Wishes For The New Year (2018)!

-Your Friends, 'Team IMS'
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22nd of November 2017 11:34 PM Link
Not only we appreciate our clients, and industry partners on this #thanksgivingholiday but also our #hardworkingteam #engineering #qualityassurance #marketing #sales #directors #accounting #managers #sales #operators #heattreating #lasercutting #blanchardgrinding #labtesting #aerospace #defense #space GO TEAM IMS! @ International Metal Source
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21st of November 2017 10:52 PM Link
At IMS, OUR culture is OUR brand. This picture shows our marketing intern giving a presentation about 'Marketing Trends and Gathering Datas', because not knowing it is kind of driving with your eyes closed.
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25th of October 2017 02:51 AM Link
Team IMS always worked hard and it is nice to be recognized in our home town @cityofcerritos 😀City of Cerritos
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25th of October 2017 02:13 AM Link
Team IMS is honored to speak about Lean Manufacturing, Value Stream Mapping and Strategies at the American Manufacturing Strategies Summit 2017.

Speakers are CEO Jaymee Del Rosario and Business Liaison Lucia Piedra.
3rd of October 2017 02:25 AM Link
We're not all about work and profit making.

Praying for Las Vegas tragedy and the families who have lost their love ones.
International Metal Source is in California but that won't stop us to from helping.
Know that you can donate:
And if you are in the state of Las Vegas, please donate blood! They are in need! Some blood type are hard to come by.
30th of September 2017 01:04 AM Link
We are delighted to share the news that we recently passed our AS9100D:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 audit with DNV GL. This certificate proves our continuing commitment to improve our quality systems. Thank you to all of our customers and industry partners that have grown with us.
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25th of September 2017 08:53 PM Link
Visiting with our industry partners @Apple ,we are proud of their emerging technology and continuous advancement.

Image: Our CEO and Dir. of Liaison
15th of August 2017 07:56 PM Link
Our CEO, Jaymee Del Rosario, will be a featured speaker at this year’s Orlando, Florida AIAA Space Forum — a technical conference that provides an integrated space to discuss key challenges and opportunities affecting the future direction of the global aerospace industry.

She will be joined by other exemplary speakers from the highest levels of government, industry, and military leadership to discuss the topic of propelling the future growth of diversity in the Aerospace sector, an industry which has traditionally struggled to achieve diversity in the workforce. Join us on Tuesday, September 12th at 12:30pm - 2:00pm to be a part of Jaymee's keynote discussion. We hope to see you there for this excellent and rewarding opportunity.
11th of July 2017 08:30 PM Link
International Metal Source continues to forge partnerships to support the realization of the OneWeb Satellite Constellation mission by producing flight critical hardware for the next generation of complex multi-satellite systems. We strive to provide the most valuable innovations and cutting-edge solutions to our partners in the aerospace and defense industries.
Congratulations Ruag Space USA for your Grand Opening!
PHOTO: CEO of IMS and Greg Wyler-CEO of OneWeb, RUAG Team,Titusville, Florida Mayor and representatives in the Space Community.
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29th of June 2017 02:03 PM Link
12th of June 2017 10:45 PM Link
International Metal Source Video Release: This video highlights our comprehensive processing abilities and our goals for the future.

Thank you for watching~
29th of May 2017 08:33 PM Link
On this Memorial Day #memorialday Team IMS honor and thank all the service men, women and their families who have sacrificed to protect the freedom that we 'have' today.
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21st of May 2017 05:02 PM Link
Interesting podcast about Graphene and its position in the market place.
18th of May 2017 06:45 PM Link
Say hello to our very first #2dlasercutting machine.


Nd-YAG Solid State Type

Max Cut Size 5' x 10'

X/Y axis repeat positioning accuracy +/-0.001"
Message image
27th of April 2017 11:10 PM Link
With our crew anything is possible!

Meet our Team IMS Managers:
(Left) Jp Orillosa- Planning and R&D Manager, Johann Kim- Mechanical Engineer and Processing Manager, Steve Rodriguez- Account Manager and Jr. Quality , Jonathan Bryson-Accounting Manager and Jr. Quality, Jaymee Del Rosario-Founder/CEO and Senior Quality and our new addition at IMS Sergii Iakymov- Expediter and Warehouse Manager

Missing: Sohil Mody- VP of Operation Manager
Message image
21st of April 2017 09:37 PM Link
Here is our quarterly company update and special offers for our in-house processing.

We have a track record in the industry of not only being a solution provider for hard to find materials, R&D, speedy service, quality advice and contract cost/logistic security, but also maintaining an exceptional customer service to ensure our buyers and partners come out as the 'Hero'.

Today & Our Goal:
Besides bringing in different kinds of processing equipment to meet our current demands, IMS recently acquired software programmers to begin the work for our very own 'customize' logistic and pricing database to advance the quoting and purchasing in our industry. "Taking on this project will be very extensive and collaboration with other partners in this industry will be vital. This unique software has never been created, why? Because it is near impossible. IMS is willing to take on the challenge, it's only impossible until it's done" said by our CEO Jaymee Del Rosario.
Message image
12th of April 2017 09:04 PM Link
Message image
12th of April 2017 08:50 PM Link
Today, our CEO collaborated with executive members from Aerospace & Defense Forum in regards to State of the Art Additive Manufacturing that will forever change how our industry design and produce.

'Looking Ahead'

Picture: Left- Suzanne Fuentes, Mayor of El Segundo, Ivan Madera, CEO of MORF3D and our CEO Jaymee Del Rosario.
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9th of April 2017 11:21 PM Link
Team IMS had a great evening celebrating with all the space companies and enthusiasts last night at Yuri's Night LA, underneath our retired Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center. (what a beauty!)

We look forward to more celebration honoring our space industry and the collaborative achievements.

Thank you: NASA/JPL, YN Founders, and Virgin Galactic
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6th of April 2017 01:15 AM Link
21st of March 2017 05:28 PM Link
Now offering in-house 2D Laser Cutting Services on top of our current offerings!
Message image
10th of March 2017 09:42 PM Link
Micrometer don't lie, esp. 6 sig figs 😉 @teamims1 #blanchardgrinding #flawlesspackaging #qualityoverquantity #engineeringlife

Our In-House Blanchard Grinding, Holding .005" to .001" tolerances
Message image
18th of February 2017 06:59 AM Link
Here at IMS, we are busy and stronger than ever!

The whole team is dedicated to push forward to fill the hole that is missing in our industry which is QUALITY and SPEEDY service.
Since our niche is gearing more towards housing most of the stringent processing, we are also working on PERFECTING our customized and unique company processes , so we can soon cater and make our footprints worldwide!
Some of our exciting news is: Nadcap Accredited for our In-House Heat Treating 2759/3 (audit by March 2017 but already operational for commercial use), Laser Cutting for Sheet Metals (operational in March 2017), BETA 'Amazon' of Metals, and so much more!

Please visit our website at for our updated catalog & news feed.

Our success would not be possible without your continuous support, Thank you.
18th of February 2017 06:18 AM Link
Our Clean Room is almost finished for our critical and delicate products.

Visit us at or call us to schedule a tour to see our everyday work flow and in-house processing capabilities in action.

Image: Our CEO putting her finishing touches. What makes this room special, Team IMS built it together!
Message image
10th of February 2017 10:59 PM Link
We rarely let them outside, but today is a special day 😉
Message image
1st of February 2017 04:45 PM Link
We are so blessed to have many things on our easel come to life. Blanchard Grinding ✅, Heat Treat Furnace ✅, Lab/Clean Room in the making ✅ and COMING THIS MONTH is our Laser Cutting Machine!
Message image
17th of December 2016 01:37 AM Link
World Peace and Happy Holidays!
14th of December 2016 06:11 PM Link
More beautiful pictures from the LOS ANGELES METROPOLITAN HISPANIC CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE gala with our industry partners, CEO's and Representatives from Morf3d, WantaFix, General Forming, Soltax, and Omni Metal. Also, our CEO Jaymee Del Rosario, introducing and handing an award to The Best Entrepreneur Business of Year, Latinescapes.
Message image
11th of December 2016 05:57 PM Link
Our CEO Jaymee Del Rosario is Honored to be a VP of BOD of an amazing chamber, the LOS ANGELES METROPOLITAN HISPANIC CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE

Advocating for commerce and helping low and moderate individuals in all industry is their priority, worldwide.

Last night International Metal Source joined LAMHCC at their successful annual gala with our key industry partners in the aerospace and defense sector.
Message image
21st of November 2016 09:04 PM Link
14th of November 2016 04:19 PM Link
Peace begins with a smile--Lots of smiles!

Powered by Peace and Love: Go Team IMS!
Message image
2nd of November 2016 05:32 PM Link
Team IMS will be attending to support the November 16th-18th, we hope to see you there!
26th of October 2016 04:14 PM Link
Awareness Alert:

As technology evolves and our life gets easier for most of us, there are others who aren't so fortunate. After losing some of our close family to cancer, We know firsthand how terrible this disease is.
Please follow Kara's story during her battle against cancer. This little girl is a four year old warrior, and a daughter of International Metal Source's dearest friends and supporter since Day 1. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma this year. Her mother is a nurse and her father a Sargeant Platoon for the Army. She also has two brothers who loves her dearly. This little warrior had inspired us to raise awareness. Below is a link where you can follow her journey against cancer. or her instagram #bekarageous . Also you can follow other children life stories who are going through the same struggle by visiting any pediatric hospitals like: . You can donate, be inspired, assist or just simply volunteer some time in your occupied life to reset and visit with these resilient and loving children because it does make a difference, even just to see their priceless smile.

Message from CEO Jaymee Del Rosario and VP of Operation Sohil Mody
25th of October 2016 10:46 PM Link
Going to the Moon using the cutting edge of additive manufacturing. Friends at Morf3D and Ruag Group.
Message image
10th of October 2016 04:34 AM Link
International Metal Source was excited to be apart of the #HENAAC career fair yesterday. It was a great opportunity to meet all kinds of future engineers and help them connect to the aerospace community. We wish them all the best!
7th of October 2016 02:21 AM Link
International Metal Source is committed to giving back to its community and will be sponsoring Great Minds in STEM along with some other great Aerospace, Defense and Commercial Industries who care about the future of our industry. We will have a booth at the HENAAC 2016 Conference this Saturday for the Career & Graduate School Fair to talk with future engineers about the Aerospace manufacturing industry.
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22nd of September 2016 09:56 PM Link
Commercial Heat Treat — 1 Day Turn Around!
12th of September 2016 04:03 PM Link
Fastest Grinder In The West!
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International Metal Source is honored to have been visited by some of the shortlisted candidates of Mars One - Human Settlement of Mars over the Labor Day weekend.
We are delighted to have this group of accomplished professionals from all over the world to share with us their motivation for space exploration.

We admire their passion for being the next generation of explorers in space!
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17th of August 2016 11:25 PM Link
Our Founder/CEO Jaymee Del Rosario had an opportunity to meet with the Senior Representatives of the California's 33rd Congressional District U.S. Congressman Ted Lieu .

Thank you for having us as a guest and for your service to the Aerospace and Defense Industry.
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28th of July 2016 02:22 PM
A message from our CEO Jaymee Del Rosario.

"It is true that when you surround yourself with positivity and collaborators, you get a fun and loving atmosphere at work. My gratitude goes out to all my AWESOME #team2016 who are willing to accompany me through thick and thin during this years' rapid growth. As well for all the supporters that we have throughout the years. July 28, 2009 was the day I walked out of a perfectly great salaried offered job and said "I will start my own company and make this an opportunity. I never wanted to look back and say "I didn't get a chance to do it.""Cheers to my company who had taught me faith , trust, love,dedication, goals and most of all patience. Happy 7th Year to #internationalmetalsource #IMSHeatTreat🔥 #IMSGrinding #IMSLab👓
15th of July 2016 04:15 PM
We hope for Peace on Earth.
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We keep our promises to our loyal customers to be the 'one-stop shop' of hard to find materials and processing.

Blanchard Grinding, Heat Treat Furnace and NDT- Hardness Tester to certify for specific certifications. Quality over Quantity.
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