Team IMS

Jaymee Del Rosario- Tennell

Founder & Sr. Quality

Jaymee has over 10 years of experience working in the  Aerospace, Defense and Commercial Industries. She is active in the Local Government Community, Aerospace & Defense Forum, and is an avid advocate for Space Exploration through STEM. She is currently attending school to achieve several degrees: an BS in Engineering & Design and Engineering Management.

Sohil Mody

COO & QMS Manager

Sohil Portrait
Sohil received his BS in Physics from the University of California, Irvine, and has an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business, at Duke University.
He has over 10 years of experience working as a project manager in the Aerospace, Defense and Commercial Industries.
Sohil is technically adept in product development and operations in reducing costs, streamlining processes and decreasing lead times.
He has the ability to create, organize and manage cross-functional groups with a track record of making effective strategic decisions.
Jhon Pol “JP” Del Orillosa
V.P. of Sales


JP has over 10 years of experience in Aerospace, Space and Defense industries. As the Lead Estimator for IMS, he specialized in obtaining hard-to-find materials and working closely with clients to meet their exact requirements and specifications. Today, JP has achieved B.A. (Social Health/Welfare/Inequalities).

Sergii Iakymov
Aerospace Engineer

Sergii Iakymov

Sergii has experience of more than 6 years as an Aerospace Engineer at the National Technical University of Ukraine. He applies his knowledge to helping our customers ensure the best quality of product is achieved.

Olga Cervantes
Planning & Admin Asst.

Out of High School, Olga has a varied background in Customer Relations, Administrative Work, and Accounting. She finds IMS quite interesting and is looking to grow with the company to garner knowledge about the Aerospace Industry and completing the major in Business & Accounting.

Jason Patrick Santos
Logistics, Quality, & Expediter

Jason Patrick Santos

Jason Patrick has a wide variety of experience focused in logistic expediting, quality and customer service. He will apply his skills to our organization to ensure efficiency in customer service and coordination of shipping and receiving.

Derrick Vichienukul & Huy Nguyen

Laser and Grinder Fabricator
Derrick Vichienukul & Huy Nguyen, both brings years of mechanical\maintenance and processing knowledge along with the hands-on experience. Their skills will be beneficial to the company as they will be the fabricator for our flight parts.

Christopher Cervantes
Junior Quality & Fabricator

Out of High School,Christopher has developed the understanding in mechanics. He is looking to grow with the company to garner knowledge about the Aerospace Industry. He will be helping in tooling fabrication.

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